The WORLD FAMOUS PunchDrunk Digital Ad Agency was founded by Steve and Marcy Blanshan, a husband and wife power team that worked at the executive level in the media world for nearly two decades before opening the doors at PunchDrunk. “What Steve and I have is pretty rare I think. So many of our clients joke around with us, calling us a Saturday Night Live skit,” says Marcy Blanshan. “From our first meetings with a potential new client to strategy and report sessions with current ones, we want to make it fun for our clients while providing best of class results.”

Steve responds by saying, “So many people say ‘there is no way I could work with my spouse. After one day, only one of us would still be standing’, but for Marcy and I we wouldn’t want it any other way. Whether we are traveling across the world to a client meeting or sitting across from each other at the office, we make each other laugh and that’s what we want for our clients. Work by its very nature is work, since my first high-school job at What-A-Burger I realized that it isn’t necessarily fun to go to work, but both Marcy and I believe that we can change that and make work and digital marketing fun, so that’s what we do.”

“I think it comes down to the simplest of terms, Steve and I love what we do,” says Marcy. “Every one of the incredible people that are part of the PunchDrunk team embody that, loving digital and loving their clients and that’s why people want to be a part of what we are doing.”

Steve says, “Each person that joins the PunchDrunk Digital team becomes our organizations latest commercial. What they do and how they do it, represents our company more than any website, billboard, or TV commercial could ever do. We have all come across great people in our lives, those people change us, brighten our lives, and help us grow. We are very proud that every member of PunchDrunk is a great person and because of that we are a great company.”

Marcy chimes in, “It doesn’t stop with our team either. We are very selective of who we partner with. We don’t work with jerks no matter how big their wallets or purses. Life is too short to spend it with people you don’t enjoy, whether that’s your peers or your clients. There are thousands of digital ad agencies out there working for millions of clients. We hope every client finds the agency that is a perfect fit for them.” To discover if PunchDrunk is a perfect fit for you and your digital needs, take the PunchDrunk Compatibility Test now. It takes less than a couple minutes and is sure to make you smile while helping you determine if PunchDrunk is the digital solution you have been looking for.

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