OHHH It’s Your Lucky Day! You have landed on the PunchDrunk Compatibility Test page! It’s time for you to discover if it’s meant to be with your company and PunchDrunk. Are we Romeo and Juliet without the double suicide ending or are we Oil and Vinegar? Only the test will tell!

Please answer every question as truthfully as possible and know that your results are only known to you. Unless you answer something really weird, then we will share it with everybody. After you have finished, your answers are tallied and you will be given a compatibility score. Enjoy and remember that this isn’t the SAT … it’s far more important.

1. When you walk in the party
2. You need to find a digital vendor, you immediately
3. You are sitting through a boring presentation you
4. While putting together a digital plan you
5. The Yellow Pages rep just showed up you
6. While interviewing a potential digital partner you
7. You've received an invoice on some media you purchased from your digital partner, you
8. In The Office you are
9. When it comes to digital reporting you like
10. You have been invited to a wedding. You
11. You like digital ads that are
12. You think Digital Marketing is
13. New and Innovative are
14. Your favorite Super Hero is
15. The name PunchDrunk