Digital Marketing has undergone tremendous change in the last two decades, surviving the bust and titles like “new media” or “interactive marketing”. As an Industry, digital discovered ways to over complicate the most basic of marketing strategies and left countless business owners cross-eyed and drooling at the mere mention of the word digital.

Our agency name, PunchDrunk, is derived from this exact phenomenon. Punchdrunk is a boxing term used to identify a fighter who has been hit in the face so many times he walks around in a constant stupor, the exact look any traditional agency or business owner has when someone walks in the door talking about “digital strategies”.

With every client and campaign we work on we hope to demystify digital, bring it back to the simplest of forms and no matter how complicated the technology or confusing the acronyms, we strive to present digital strategies as marketing strategies, the same ones used since the first newspaper printed its first ad and hopefully a little stronger than the first TV commercial that aired in 1941.

We start every digital strategy session with a return to Marketing 101 with a belief that every campaign that goes out the door should reach people across three different variants. We call them Silos.

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“A digital marketing strategy should incorporate at least one product from each platform.”

The Targeting Silo, the silo that gets the most attention when people think digital, is going after your ideal client or customer. These are highly targeted tactics, delivered to your ideal clients and with the power of digital we can hone in with precision and find people raising their hands, begging for you to sell them your product.

Digital targeting capabilities continue to grow year over year and as the technology continues to evolve it’s no wonder companies think of digital and targeting as best friends.

But often, when digital strategists are building out tactics and whiteboarding ideas, they forget the power of Branding. Branding is the essential component to a marketing plan, ensuring that people think highly of your company, your product, your service. As they move into the purchasing tunnel you have already created top of mind awareness saving you valuable marketing dollars and time. Imagine walking onto a car lot to purchase your next luxury vehicle and seeing a STEVEO for the first time while on the lot. You’ve never heard of a STEVEO…like ever, and that poor sap on the lot is going to have a very hard time convincing you that a STEVEO is better than a BMW or Mercedes.

Branding has lost its luster to marketers, to prove the point think of those jingles you grew up singing, they have been left aside for pure play targeting campaigns. That’s why when building a digital strategy at PunchDrunk we work with every client to ensure we capture the Branding Silo, as well as the Targeting Silo.

Lastly, the silo that gets the least attention is the Relationship Silo. Relationship is where we make a concentrated effort to continue communicating to the people who already love our brand and products. They are loyal, they tell their friends about us, they wear our brand on their clothes, and download our apps… and actually use them. We should be giving these guys the lion’s share of our marketing strategy, after all there is no better customer than the one in the checkout line right now, but so many marketers leave the Relationship Silo empty when building their digital or traditional marketing plans.

At The WORLD FAMOUS PunchDrunk Digital Ad Agency we value relationships, like the one we are building with you right now, and we work with our clients to fill all three of the silos on each digital campaign that goes out into the vast world of digital.

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