TikTok Losing Big Stars To Social Media Platform: Triller

July 29, 2020

The Triller Take-Over

Just read an interesting article about a new (at least to me) social platform that many believe will take the majority of American TikTokers. It’s called Triller.( https://triller.co/) Odds are only old and uncool people like me aren’t familiar with Triller as it’s been around since 2015 with investors like Snoop Dogg lending a helping hand, and as of mid-2020 has 50 million monthly active users. That’s still small compared to TikTok’s 1 billion. But with privacy concerns surrounding the China-based TikTok, many have been concerned about what’s happening with all the user data TikTok is collecting.

As digital marketers, it’s probably wise to keep Triller in your news feed as some of the largest TikTok stars are making the move to that platform, which typically signals a large audience shift. Before long people might be asking you, “Should I be advertising on Triller?”

Here’s a link to the article I referenced above:


TikTok, Triller

TikToc Stars Leaving For Triller

What Is TikTok?

Okay, so social media trends and popular apps, especially with the younger generations like, Gen Z and those ever-popular Millennials, isn’t your thing. That’s okay, at PunchDrunk Digital we are here to help. Twitter’s Vine was the first to prove that short-form video is very popular with young people. The ability to quickly make videos ranging from lip-syncing, to acted out memes with music backgrounds, and share them with your friends is what all the cool kids are doing these days.

Still having trouble? Think of it as online-karaoke and who doesn’t like karaoke??? Apparently nearly everyone as among U.S. based people over the age of 18, TikTok brought in record-breaking growth. TikTok itself doesn’t release usage numbers, but companies like Comscore, that specialize in monitoring app downloads and active users report that TikTok brought in 22.2 million unique visitors in January. Then 23.2 million in the 28 days of February, and another 28.8 million in March.

Then COVID hit and the boredom of quarantine turned even more people to Social. When Facebook got boring, they started testing platforms they hadn’t used before… like TikTok which saw 39.2 million unique visitors in April alone.

The growth was mostly in the millennial age segment, as showcased in the graph from AdAge below.

TikTok Unique Visitors

Composition of Unique Visitors on TikTok

Need More Info?

If you are still looking for more information on TikTok or Triller, check out their sites in the link below.



Triller Home Screen

Triller Home Screen