The Power of Online Video Advertising by Steve Blanshan

April 7, 2020

A lot of times when we think “digital marketing” our advertising brains quickly go to banner ads and search results. But a great addition to a digital marketing strategy is video.

With over 500 million hours of video watched daily, finding the right person to see your video ad has never been easier.

You can access the power of video advertising through major platforms like YouTube and Twitch as well as places you may not immediately think, like local news stations and national websites.

Here are several benefits of online video advertising that your business will receive as it furthers its video endeavors!

1. They Grab Your Attention

This should be prefaced by saying that video advertising comes in many different shapes, sizes, lengths, and formats.

As previously mentioned, they aren’t only used on platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. While both of those are very important resources, there’s so much more to video ads than that.

For example, have you ever watched an NFL game and noticed that all of a sudden, Aaron Rodgers and his “Statefarm agent” pop up on your screen while the game is still being shown?

Great news! These video advertisements aren’t just available for large brands like State Farm. Your company can gain access to these extremely effective attention-grabbing video placements as well.

When done right, video advertisements can have that much of an impact on your brand. Start your journey there by teaming up with a digital ad agency today.

2. They’re Perfect for Mobile Users

Did you know that for the first time in the history of technology, more people are visiting the internet via smartphone than any other device?

Now, think about when you use your phone for things such as social media, using handy mobile apps, or even playing candy crush to pass the time. All of those platforms have movement and interaction on them at every turn.

Your brand’s online video marketing can serve as the perfect complement to the standard display ads that you already have in place. They can provide a “storytelling” angle to your marketing efforts.

The video advertisements that you make can be altered to fit any format. In fact, a mobile user is more likely to watch your advertisement longer than a desktop user.

The successful video marketing brands are the ones that customize their ads for every single outlet. That means TV, phone, and desktop alike. But you can’t deny the ROI that mobile ads bring to your campaigns.

3. They Provide a Boost to Your Sales

It might not surprise you that video advertisements can provide an uptick in your company’s sales.

With all of the interaction that video ads include these days, it’s no wonder that you’d see an improvement in revenue.

However, most people don’t realize that video marketing improves your sales in two separate ways: 1) it generates more leads and 2) it leads to higher sales conversions.

Why? Because the customers in the marketplace these days are looking for personality with the brands they invest in.

If you’re able to capture a personal tone and emotion within your video ads, then you will appeal to a broader amount of customers in your niche.

As with anything else, your personal tone won’t resonate with everyone that sees it, but it will undoubtedly push more people to click your video links.

Those that click the link after being attracted to your brand have a higher likelihood of building customer loyalty with your brand.

4. They Can Strengthen Your Email Marketing

When you receive an email from a business that you’ve subscribed to, and then you open it up to see paragraphs of test, you more than likely click the “back” button right away.

That’s because, in today’s world, people want your business to get to the point within seconds of reading/watching your content.

So rather than spending several hours constructing the perfect paragraphs for your emails, why not let a video advertisement do the talking instead.

The videos that you create might lead to a higher click rate for your email campaigns and generate more sales as well.

More importantly, it will separate your brand from all of your competitors. Email marketing is as strong as it’s ever been. But now, you just need to be a bit more interactive with the content you include in it.

5. Visualization is Key for Your Product/Service

Do the products or services that your company sells require a lot of explanation before people understand the value they have?

If so, then video marketing can help you cut that 2-minute long sales pitch in half with visualization tools.

For example, say you sold an elbow sleeve for weightlifting that helps those with tennis elbow.

Rather than losing their interest in a long-winded description, you could show a video of the sleeve limiting the mobility of their arm while you explain it to them in a voice-over clip.

Visualization is of vital importance for your brand. It can sell them on the product before they even speak with your sales reps.

Unleash the Power of Online Video Advertising!

Now that you’ve seen several online video advertising opportunities, it’s time to equip your brand with a new style of marketing.

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