Knowing is Half the Battle by Steve Blanshan

May 25, 2017

As a child of the 80’s my collection of favorite Saturday morning cartoons is quite extensive. ThunderCats, He-Man, Transformers, Scooby-Doo, Care-Bears, Smurfs and their underwater cousins the often forgotten Snorks. The list could go on and on from the fuzzy feel-goods of Gummi Bears to the more adventure themed Voltron, as a father of four it often pains me that Saturday morning cartoons have ridin’ into the sunset and even the greats are slowly fading from memory.

Lucky for me, every time we pull data for a PunchDrunk campaign report I’m infused with the smile rendering jingle of one of my all-time favorites: G.I. Joe and their catchy catch phrase “Knowing is half the battle.”

Digital has been a much-needed addition into a marketing mix by providing data at a level that our marketing fore-founders could never have imagined possible. Here at PunchDrunk we have access to enough data to build a profile tower to the moon and back. When we run a digital campaign for our partners we capture the most basic of information, such as gender, age, income, relationship status, as well as much deeper data points, like what artist someone is listening to on Spotify, what they just purchased on Amazon, and everything in between. We know what someone is researching, buying, enjoying, and hating and thanks to the advancement of mobile technologies, we know where they are, where they are going, and how often they go there.

But for our team, knowing is only half the battle. Reporting that your best customers love Game of Thrones, are researching a new Audi, and leaving bad reviews for that Mexican restaurant down the street is interesting, but it only becomes valuable when you do something with that knowledge.
So we work in tandem with our partners allowing our digital learnings to bolster their traditional marketing, optimize ads to increase visibility among top converters, reach more of our ideal customers while using less budget to do so.

Here’s an example of how to make the data you get on a PunchDrunk report work for you:

Recently we were working with an airport in the Florida Panhandle who had just opened up daily non-stops to Chicago at an incredible low rate. They thought the rate alone would jump start ticket sales, but as is all too common the build it and they will come mentality wasn’t working, so they partnered with us to get the word out. We employed multiple digital tactics ranging from more standard approaches like Pay-Per-Click to more cutting edge display tactics like Next Generation Behavioral Targeting and Mobile GeoFollow. The campaign started and we saw ticket sales increase. Our response rates and conversions were a cut above industry standards, but nothing that would make Skeletor shake in his boots.

The magic happened once we started digging into the data of the people who were converting – that is actually purchasing direct flight tickets. We noticed a major trend, over 70% of our convertors where into exercising. We saw people purchasing home gym equipment, visiting running websites with high frequency, actually going to Yoga classes and not just paying the monthly memberships. It didn’t take rocket science to realize that we were onto something, but what to do with that knowledge after all knowing is ONLY half the battle.

Through some great brainstorming sessions with the airport and our team we came up with an idea to build some new creative. We would showcase a woman running down Michigan Avenue and a couple paddle boarding in the smooth ocean of the Gulf of Mexico. It worked. Our engagement increased by 53% and our conversions by over 70%. We felt like super-heros and our partners at the airport were fast to give us testimonials and high-fives, but alas no free tickets to Paris.

Data Drowning is a real thing and with all the abilities of digital to track and report, what good is knowing information if you don’t act on it? Be a Hero, be a Joe, and walk out of report meetings with one phrase echoing in your mind, “Knowing is only half the battle”… then walk into the elevator and shout “Go Joe”, the stares you get will be in admiration.

And just in case you have absolutely no clue about any 80’s cartoons or you want some SOLID reminiscing time pop some pop-corn, grab a co-worker, and prepare for a 23-minute ride of nostalgia:

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