Digital Strategy: Next Gen BT

August 20, 2020

installing digital Next Generation Behavioral Targeting (Next Gen BT)

Show ads to consumers when they’re most likely to convert with PunchDrunk’s Next Generation Behavioral Targeting. Traditional behavioral marketing involves scraping web-use data, analyzing it, and making predictions based on previous purchases. Although it gives businesses more to work with than no information at all, the process isn’t refined.

PunchDrunk has perfected the strategy by partnering with thousands of the world’s most popular websites. With access to search data as it happens, Next Generation Behavioral Targeting displays your ad to users within a second of their search. So, if a potential buyer searches a review website for best coffee shops, your downtown bistro ad will display to them within moments.

Whether it’s banners, video, audio, or pretty much any other format you can dream of, NextGen BT reaches your audience when they need to see it.

Put an End to Hit-and-Miss Marketing

For years, marketing has been a guessing game based on the best reading of past information. When you look at recent consumer behavior, you get a basic idea of what they might do in the future. However, this technique is not bulletproof. Forecasting based on analysis of the past can only go so far.

People’s tastes, desires, and beliefs are evolving faster than ever, and what was relevant last year is unlikely to be relevant today. NextGen Behavioral Marketing puts an end to the guessing games. It lets business owners and marketers show ads to buyers moments after they’ve entered their query into the search bar. We’re not just talking about Google and its affiliates, but every partner PunchDrunk has made over the years.

searchUse Real-Time Search Data

Data is the key to smart, successful marketing. The patterns and trends you can capture from the way customers use your digital platforms are seemingly endless. When it comes to ads, sometimes you’re just throwing something that you’ve spent a lot of money on out into the ether with little or no return. The reason for this is relevance. If someone doesn’t need your product or service at that moment, they might now even notice an ad.

Show Ads When It’s Most Relevant 

It seems evident that the best time to target a potential buyer is at the moment they’re actively looking for your service. Next Generation BT intuitively knows when a potential customer is entering search terms related to your business, in your area. Within a second of entering the search, your ad displays — exactly when they need to see it. When you’re consistently targeting buyers at the point of need, you’ll see conversion rates soar, and wasted marketing dollars rapidly decline.

More Clicks and Conversions

Of course, two of the most significant advantages of Next Generation Behavioral Targeting are more conversions and clicks. If a potential customer sees your ad when they need it, the chances of them clicking are high. Not only that — but once they’ve explored your website and confirmed that you could fulfill their need at that moment, they’re more likely to finalize the transaction.

Behavioral targeting might not have been a sound investment when the data was based on past purchases. However, now it’s based on up-to-date information; you never need to waste an inch of advertising space again.

Increase Revenue With Next Generation Behavioral Targeting

The ultimate goal of advertising is to reach more potential customers so you can increase revenue and grow your business. It’s one of the most cutting-edge tactics you can use, and it’s almost certain to position you ahead of the competition. Most people might be focusing on data from the past and getting stuck in cycles. You, on the other hand, can focus on what’s going on now and how it affects the near future.

Any salesperson or marketing expert knows you get the best response from people who have the need for your product. Targeting customers based on their real-time searches is one of the best ways we’ve ever found to produce ads when people are most receptive.

Stop Trying to Predict Consumer Search Behavior: Track It 

With PunchDrunk’s Next Generation Behavioral Targeting, you don’t need to play any guessing games. Our partnerships with thousands of websites let us show your ad when buyers are looking for precisely what you have to sell. Here is a helpful video to explain Next Gen BT.