A Complete Guide to Understanding Waze Advertising

March 4, 2020

waze map app

Understanding Waze Advertising

As a marketer and business owner, you know that there are countless ways to market your business. You need to get creative to find new and exciting ways to reach potential customers.

One of the most exciting possibilities to promote yourself is Waze advertising. Yes, Waze. You know, that maps app that everyone uses to avoid traffic jams and speed traps? You can advertise there.

There are more than 86 million users of the app in the U.S. and it’s been downloaded at the Google Play store over 100 million times. That’s not including iOS installs.

In other words, advertising on Waze can be a great way to get your business in front of people at the best possible moment. Keep reading to learn how Waze advertising works and how you can use it to generate more business.

What Is Waze Advertising?

If you’re familiar with the app, you know that Waze is great at helping drivers navigate their way around road construction, accidents, and traffic jams. What separates Waze from other apps is that it’s a community-based app.

That means the community participates in letting each other know about road hazards and traffic slowdowns. Advertising on Waze lets you reach this active community, whether they’re in the suburbs, rural areas, or in the big cities.

Waze Advertising Types and Options

You might wonder how you can advertise when people are driving and trying to find their way somewhere.

There are three main options to advertise your business. You can have a branded pin, which is a pin that appears to let drivers know that your location happens to be along their route.

A promoted search puts your business at the top of search results. You have your logo appear to separate your business from the others in search results.

There’s also a Zero Speed Takeover ad, which is when your ad appears over the map like a billboard when drivers completely stop. It’s usually at that moment they’re looking at their phone to see what’s causing traffic to stop.

Waze advertising is ideal for local brick and mortar businesses like restaurants, gas stations, healthcare facilities, real estate businesses, and retail stores who want to reach people while they’re going by your establishment.

It’s also great for businesses that want to attract tourists. They are likely to be looking on Waze for directions, and you can position your business to reach them when they’re ready to buy.

Get Creative in Your Advertising

Advertising is all about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. That’s why Waze advertising is so effective. You can deliver your message and direct people to your brick and mortar location at the right time.

Drivers may be looking for a place to get gas or something to eat. They might decide to make an impulse buy instead of sitting in traffic. Those are all ideal ways to get your message in front of people at the right time.

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