The Anatomy of A Digital Advertising Agency

September 24, 2020

digital advertising agency

Digital marketing is everywhere these days. From popular social media accounts to sponsored ads on search engine results pages, there’s hardly anything you can do online without seeing some form of advertisement.

That said, as a business, if you’re not taking advantage of this shift in the marketing industry, you’re missing out on a majority of your potential customers! Companies stuck in the traditional marketing mindset are doing their business no favors by relying on what worked for them historically.

Suppose you want to revive your business, increase your revenue, and the likelihood that you’ll see the next shift in the advertising industry. If so, you need to take advantage of digital marketing! If you’re ready to invest your marketing budget into digital advertising, but you have no idea where to start, have no fear! We’ve created this deep dive into a digital advertising agency’s anatomy to help you understand what we can do for you and even offered some insight to help you better understand digital advertising.

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising, also known as digital marketing, is the current world where advertising is thriving. Advertising and marketing to the masses have changed a lot over the past century.

  • 100 years ago: Businesses could take out an ad in the daily newspaper and trust that it would help customers find them
  • 50 years ago: Create a few commercials for television and radio in addition to newspaper ads
  • Ten years ago: Buy a cheap website, stuff in some targeted keywords to drive traffic from search engines, and to rank on the results pages
  • Today: Advertise through targeted social media ads, email campaigns, apps, television, radio, print, and more.

It’s the age of digital, and in the U.S., where over 81% of adults own a smartphone, if you’re not advertising to them where they are, you’re missing out on the majority of users across the country!

Digital advertising, in a nutshell, is an umbrella term used to refer to all marketing or engagement strategies through online platforms. Your digital media agency’s role is to help users find you, notice your offerings, generate new leads, and turn those leads into customers.

The Anatomy of a Digital Advertising Agency

If you’ve never worked with a digital advertising agency before, you may not be aware of all the moving pieces that take place behind the scenes to help your business succeed. We’ve broken out our hypothetical x-ray machine to help you see inside our agency and better understand what we offer each of our clients.

Creative Department

The team that comes up with your brand ideas and builds engaging digital content is the creative department. Anything from video, Google search or display ads, social media campaigns, shoppable links, and everything in between falls under this team.

Strategy Department

We refer to the strategy department as the matchmakers. They understand what makes your company unique and the type of customers that would love your product. They work through digital solutions to best showcase your business and connect you with the right customers, at the right time, in the right way.

Operation Department

The fulfillment and optimization umbrella is the operation department. They take your specific creative and strategic plans and launch them across multiple platforms and formats. They monitor your campaign’s progress hourly, looking to identify what is working and which ones may need a little tweaking.

Customer Relations

This team stands by your side throughout the process, ensuring you’re up-to-date on how your campaigns are doing and working with you as your needs and goals change. If there is ever anything you don’t understand or something you aren’t sure about, your customer relations team is there to walk you through it, listen to your concerns, and help you find satisfaction and success in every campaign you launch.

What is a Digital Agency Important for Your Business?

If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy in place, or if yours isn’t working for you, trying to learn where the industry currently is and how to conquer it can be overwhelming! But when you connect with digital marketing agency experts, you can rely on them to keep you up to date and prepare you for current trends in the industry.

Some of the other benefits to enlisting the help of digital marketing services are:

  • Keeping you up to date with your competition to make sure you’re staying visible in your target markets
  • Expand your audience and reach new people regularly to increase your likelihood of conversions
  • Build brand loyalty by encouraging customers to connect with you on social media and share your posts with their connections
  • Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing, so you’ll have more money in your budget to invest elsewhere
  • Learn more about your audience by implementing analytical tools that will give you insight into their preferences and behavior online
  • Increase your ROI (return on investment) and revenue by making more reliable predictions on how your business and marketing campaigns will perform based on specific data points of your choosing

If you’re not sure what some of these benefits mean to your specific business, that’s ok! Your digital advertising team has a department or resource in place to help you succeed. Wherever your current knowledge level is, the conversation and explanations of benefits can be catered to help you make the right move for your business.

Where to Start

Do you currently have any digital marketing campaigns in place? Have you created a social media account for your business or maybe sent out some emails to your subscribers?

If you haven’t done any digital advertising yet, don’t worry! It’s not too late to update your business and revitalize your lead generation to reach more people.

Are you ready to update your marketing strategy and help your business move into the new age? Contact us to discuss what our digital advertising agency can do for your business. We know it can be scary to work with a new company, but we’re here to help you understand what we have to offer and create a marketing strategy that will work for YOU!