4 Tips to Make Your Landing Page Shine

April 15, 2021

landing page showcased on computer

Are you struggling to convert web traffic into paying customers? Even though your website may be optimized for mobile and well-designed, it may not be convincing people to leave their contact information or make a purchase. This is where landing pages come in.

Landing pages are uniquely crafted in order to make a sale. Through well-designed graphics and convincing copy, you’ll be able to convert regular users into customers. Read on to learn the top four tips to making a landing page work for you!

What is a Landing Page?

It’s first important that you understand what a landing page is and why their design is vital for your brand. Landing pages are standalone web pages that almost act as a separate website because there are no other links that take you to other pages.

The reason for this is because landing pages are designed with one goal in mind. As visitors start from the top of the page and scroll to the bottom, a combination of graphics and convincing copy helps you accomplish your goal of converting. Here are two landing page examples:

Lead Generation

Landing pages with the goal of lead generation always include the ability for users to include their name and contact information in a form at the bottom. They often offer something for free in exchange for getting people’s contact information. This information can then be used for future email campaigns and upsells.


Clickthrough landing pages have the goal of making a sale instead of collecting contact information. The name references the fact that these pages typically have a simple button with a clear call-to-action at the bottom for visitors to click on. Once they do, they’re taken to a final checkout page where they can purchase a product, subscription, or service.

Top Landing Page Tips

Creating a quality web page that sells starts with a clear goal in mind: do you want to sell or capture leads? Once you make that decision, following these top three principles to begin crafting your digital marketing strategy.

1. Separate Landing Pages

We understand that your business may have multiple goals, products, and services that you want to sell. However, it’s important that you focus on one landing page at a time and make sure each campaign gets its own landing page. The reason for this is because you want a clear, specific message and call-to-action for each page.

This makes it easier to create the right graphics and copy in order to convince users to continue down your sales funnel. If you have multiple campaigns on one landing page, they’ll both compete with each other and drown out your own message!

2. Consistent Branding

Your landing page needs to be designed the way your website is. This means that you need to use consistent colors, graphics, font sizes, and more in order to create a professional and polished appearance. The design of a landing page also needs to be minimal and easy to read.

Many newcomers to landing pages are often tempted to fit as much information onto the page as possible in an attempt to convert visitors. However, this can have the opposite effect of overwhelming them and causing them to exit the page entirely. Use only the information that’s relevant to your goal and messaging.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the negative space to make your landing page as easy to read and process as possible. Along with spacing between sentences and paragraphs, use a single-column layout with ample negative space on each side of your copy.

3. Remain Authentic

Landing pages are notorious for exaggerated sales language such as “best deal you’ve ever seen” in order to convert visitors. However, this kind of copy is no longer as effective as it once was. Today, users are looking for transparency and genuine brands that they can trust.

As you create your copy, keep in mind that you still want to be as authentic as possible. Keep your target audience in mind and consider the issues that they’re facing today as well as the problems that your brand is uniquely situated to solve. You’ll also want to write in a tone that allows your audience to relate to you.

For instance, if you know that your target audience is young college students, you’ll want to keep your tone light, engaging, and informal. Middle-aged professionals may expect a more professional tone.

4. Make It Easy

Last but not least, it’s important that you make your landing page as easy as possible to navigate for visitors. Even if they scroll through your entire landing page, people are far less likely to fill out your forms if it contains more than three fields. Keep it simple with just a name and an email address, making it more likely that someone will provide that information.

Likewise, your landing page needs to be able to fully load in under two seconds. This means uploading images that have a lower resolution, using a minimal design, and keeping widgets to a minimum.

Enjoy More Conversions With These Tips

With these basic landing page tips, you’ll be able to enjoy increased traffic as well as more conversions. By starting with a single goal, you’ll be able to craft pinpoint messaging that’s easy for users to understand. Next, a minimal, well-designed landing page convinces users to keep scrolling until they get to the bottom and read your call-to-action.

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