2020’s Most Innovative Digital Marketing Trends by Steve Blanshan

March 26, 2020

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing is the here, the now, and the future of a successful marketing strategy. It uses the online age to its advantage, offering many different ways to generate leads and gain new clientele.

As such, there are many different trends that companies are finding success with. Seeing as how the marketing industry is a copycat world, you should get in on the fun!

Even though 2020 is only a few months in, there are already several trends that you’ll want to replicate.

Here are the top digital marketing trends of 2020 so far and why you should consider placing them in your marketing plans right away!

1. OTT Advertising

Many of you out there that are reading this may not be all too familiar with the term OTT advertising.

OTT stands for over-the-top, which refers to OTT services that provide media to their customers through the internet. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are examples of this technique.

Because of the massive amount of subscribers that Netflix has (167 million and counting), you will definitely want to find ways of getting in on that marketplace.

But how can you get involved? What are the techniques that you should use? How do you know which OTT outlets and services are the right ones for your company?All of those questions (and more!) can be answered by teaming up with a trusted digital advertising agency. By doing so, your brand will have exposure across many different outlets such as OTT advertising, SEO, and pay-per-clicks that it otherwise may never have had.

2. Use Voice Search to Your Brand’s Advantage

It’s official, ladies and gentlemen… Siri and Alexa have officially reached a point where you must now adjust your marketing strategies to them.

In fact, as of 2019 one-third of the population in the United States use voice search features in their everyday lives. Imagine the number of searches that could amount to for your brand each and every day.

So… how could you possibly improve the voice search results for your brand? It’s not as if you could pay Alexa or Siri off to direct them to your sites more often.

The thing you have to remember is that those two, as advanced as they might be, are still keyword-driven. That means that by integrating more keyword phrases into your content, your pages are more likely to pop up in voice searches.

3. Native Advertising

Every successful marketing strategy has a bit of “sneakiness” to it. You need that element in your plans in order to direct new people to your website.

Native advertising is the perfect example of this because it blends your paid advertisement into the look and format of the media page that you post it on.

For example, have you ever read an article on Forbes.com and noticed that the article feels as if it’s slowly (but surely) pointing you towards a specific service or brand?… That’s because it is!

Odds are that the Forbes.com article you read was actually written by the CEO or owner of an entirely different company. They simply paid Forbes to post their article on the Forbes.com website.

It’s not lying to the customer, it’s just plain clever! It can get your brand a whole new level of exposure that you didn’t know was possible.

Be sure to consider different avenues in which you could use native advertising for your brand. The digital advertising agency that you’re teaming up with can help you find the right outlets for your content.

4. Shoppable Social Media Posts

Social media outlets just keep on truckin’ along! The outlets that you use to build your brand are becoming more and more of an advantage for companies like yours with every day that passes by.

Do you pride yourself on finding “new and undiscovered” brands on Instagram? The reality is that you didn’t discover those brands, they discovered you. Then they placed a shoppable post in front of you and you bought the product! It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Shoppable posts reward the hard work of your brand by giving customers a direct route to your website if they want to purchase your item.

They merely click on the post that’s laid out in front of them… then BAM! They’re on your product’s purchasing page before they even know what hit them.

Whether you have a best-seller that you want to push out to the rest of the world or a product that you want to improve the sales of, shoppable posts can help you out!

5. Gaming Advertisements

Who doesn’t enjoy playing games? Everyone has a go-to game on their phone that they use to pass the time.

Many experts say that those games are one of the biggest missed opportunities for brands to advertise their products.

The customer is engaged in the game as is. Placing your ad in their game will give you 5 seconds of their undivided attention.

Simply place the advertisement in front of their eyes and let the content of your ads do the rest of the work!

Use These Digital Marketing Trends to Your Advantage!

Now that you’ve seen a few of the top digital marketing trends so far in 2020, it’s time to get yourself ahead of your competition and put them to practice!

Be sure to read this article for examples of digital advertising done right. There you can find some ideas to start brainstorming your new online ads.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact page and we’ll be happy to assist you further.