How To Think About SEO For Your Website

August 30, 2021

how to think about SEO


SEO, Search Engine Optimization. It’s the most thrown-around acronym in Digital Marketing but still leaves most business owners feeling, well… a little PunchDrunk. So now is the time to get your head wrapped around SEO and we are going to make it easy.

SEO is Visibility. The Modern Yellow Pages.

triple a truck

SEO is all about how easy it is for your customers to find your business. People don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore, most people under 30 aren’t even going to know what the Yellow Pages are.

It’s all about Google now. When we need to find something, we turn to Google (aka Search). And just like the Yellow Pages days, it’s about what businesses show up first. When the Yellow Pages had its heyday companies would literally think of their business name and how that would impact their Yellow Pages listing. That’s how we ended up with AAA, the roadside assistance guys. Three A’s got you the first listing in the Yellow Pages.

And there you have the first notable case of SEO… in a paper format of course.


SEO is like a Credit Score.

When Google determines who gets the first listing it’s a little more complicated than just Alphabetically. But that doesn’t mean you need to overcomplicate it. In the end, Google wants to have the best results for the questions people ask. If you are looking for the best taco in town, you don’t want to see the Italian restaurant showing up.

In its simplest form, Google is going to look at your website and assign it a Quality Score (think Credit Score). So, when thinking about implementing SEO for your website, think like that.

If you have never done SEO, it’s like not having any credit. We need to go establish ourselves so that we can prove we are trustworthy. In the credit world, that’s getting a credit card, using it, and making our payments on time. And we know we don’t establish credit overnight. It takes time of doing the right things before someone will give us that first mortgage loan. Same thing here in SEO.

We are going to make sure our website is doing all the right things and we are going to do them for a length of time and prove to Google that we are a good website that follows the rules and makes life better for those who visit it. This takes us to HOW we do that.

SEO is a Strategy. Inside and Outside.

When starting SEO we know the end goal, we want to be visible when a person is searching for our product or service. We now know we need that good Quality Score to prove to Google we are legit. So, how do we do it?

This is where a lot of SEO firms are going to make things really complicated fast for you. You are going to start hearing words like meta descriptions, title tags, backlinks, and off-page optimizations.

These are all correct, but if you are the common business owner, none of this makes any sense to you and sounds a lot like when the auto mechanic starts pointing at things in your engine and saying your flux capacitor needs to be replaced. In the end, you shrug leave it to the experts, and hope it works out all right in the end.

Let’s break an SEO strategy down to its simplest form. There’s Inside SEO and Outside SEO. If you have a physical business location, Inside equals the building, Outside equals the road to the building.

Inside our building we need to make sure the lights are all on, the customer toilet isn’t overflowing, the product on the shelves looks good, the air conditioning works, you get the idea. All the things a good building has for its customers that makes them want to continue shopping and tell their friends. And we need to make sure our physical building passes all its inspections. Those fire, building, health inspections, etc.

Inside SEO is the same thing, we are just doing it to our website. We need to make it a great experience for those visiting and that includes checking the pipes – the stuff the website visitor never sees, but the inspector does. Much like that pesky health inspector, Google is going to crawl around and make sure we are following the rules. Some of it is annoying, but most of it is for a reason. We can’t have someone visiting our website leaving with a virus. That’s bad for us and bad for Google.

So Inside SEO is making sure our website is following all the best practices outlined by Google. We need this so we can get that high-Quality Score (think Credit Score). It’s fixing any issues that may be there and then adding anything that’s missing. We need our website to be awesome for our visitors. From what our website pages look like, what they say, and how they behave on the backend.

Outside our building, we need our roads to be smooth and easy to navigate. No one wants to drive on a road filled with potholes and bad signage. We don’t want dead-ends and stoplights that last for years. We need the GPS to take people directly to our front door and not to the back of the building or even worse, our competitor’s building.

seo smooth roads

Same thing with Outside SEO. We want to work with the road departments that exist online and make sure they lead people to our website. We want it to be easy to find our store from the road. We need to work with the thousands of partners out there that will act as online GPS.

A good SEO strategy works with both Inside and Outside.

How to Learn More About SEO.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and even more when it comes to digital strategy. That’s why we are here to help. Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help in any way we can.

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