Top Digital Marketing Newsletters That Deserve Your Subscription

October 31, 2022

Newsletters have been around since before the time of Shakespeare, literally. According to this article:

“Newsletters began in mid-fifteenth-century Venice. Subscribers would receive handwritten letters twice a week rounding up interesting events. Sixteenth-century merchants used similar news sources to keep track of exchange rates, taxes, and other business news.”

Recurring flows of communication have always been the driving force in bringing news and updates, sharing advice, and building community. Even in its earliest days, tradesmen used newsletters to stay on top of trends in their field. 

Whether you are early in your career or a seasoned veteran. digital marketing newsletters can offer valuable resources. Keep scrolling to learn about some of the best newsletters in the biz today.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Newsletters

Newsletter writing serves as its own medium for content marketing. Companies, campaigns, or thought leaders send out emails that have things such as:

  • Ads for new products or services
  • Event updates for subscribers
  • Educational content about relevant topics
  • Showcasing awards or special achievements
  • News articles about the industry

Content for newsletters doesn’t always have to be serious. In fact, including entertaining content will help grow your audience. Some examples of fun content to add include:

  • Visual content such as photos, video content, or animation
  • Interactive content like polls, Q&As, infographics
  • Fun facts, inspirational quotes, book recommendations

Subscribing to newsletters to learn how to create a marketing strategy that might include newsletters does seem meta. But getting inspired by marketers and creators doing the thing that you want to do can be a great way to stay relevant. 

Here’s a brief list of some of the best digital marketing newsletters in the game today.

Our Favorite Options for Newsletters about Digital Marketing

Let’s look at the digital marketers and content creators who consistently share the best insights. The following newsletters talk about the skills you need to know to be successful in digital marketing. Changes in marketing spurred by the internet and technology will continue.

you will want to sign up for these newsletters for updates and insights.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media examiner has the best information about social media marketing for people in the industry. Their newsletter shows you how to use social marketing and video content for marketing strategies. You will learn how to get your audience connected to your brand(s).

Check them out here to subscribe.


MarketingProfs has been doing training and education about marketing since 2001. They’ve been around for a while which means they’ve navigated 20 years of industry transformations. For more educational content akin to what you learn in the classroom, this newsletter does the trick.

Check out more here or subscribe.


When you sign up for UnBounce’s newsletter, you will immediately get the best insider tips on how to get more conversions. They specialize in e-commerce, lead generation, and driving traffic. You can get daily updates about the latest trends, including AI in marketing.

Sign up for UnBounce here.

Marketing Brew

You can read Marketing Brew while drinking your morning coffee. This newsletter has articles on the newest trends in marketing. Readers get served bite-sized articles so you don’t waste time while also learning from experts in the field. You also can hear directly from experts.

Subscribe to Marketing Brew here.

Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers does more than send out content and blog posts in daily and weekly emails. They also cultivate a community of marketing insiders. Their newsletter includes some of the most popular articles about marketing, where you learn about B2B marketing and strategies for getting leads.

Learn more on their site to sign up.

TL;DR Marketing

If you don’t already know, TL;DR is internet slang for “too long; didn’t read.” Reflecting the trend of skimming over articles and headlines, TL;DR Marketing creates a newsletter that delivers the most on marketing trends, SEO, and industry news in small portions. They write very short, easy-to-read articles. 

Check them out here and sign up.


This newsletter helps marketers stay refreshed on their copywriting skills. While keeping up with trends and industry news remains key, VeryGoodCopy is dedicated to the copywriting craft itself. You’ll want this in your inbox to get great technical insights and creative inspiration. 

Check out how to write very good copy.

Work the Funnel (WTF)

This newsletter, cleverly called WTF, dishes trends and curated insights for the marketing world that are just around the corner. You get content focused on the future of marketing in a changing industry. Their content also included case studies, research reports, and great resources for brand marketers.

Check them out here to sign up.

Marketing Examples

Marketing Examples is a newsletter dedicated to case studies and demonstrating the best marketing practices. Readers learn how to craft effective campaigns from a respected expert. You will get updated coverage on topics like SEO, content creation, branding, and copywriting.

Sign up on their website.

How to SaaS

The newsletter, How to SaaS, focuses exclusively on launching SaaS products, and its content is geared specifically toward marketers. SaaS (Software as a service) refers to creating software platforms that people access through cloud-based networks. It showcases educational content about advanced tech concepts which gets simplified with lots of visuals and graphs.

Go to their site to sign up.

Fill Your Inbox with Content You Want to Read

We’ve shown you many of the most popular digital marketing newsletters that we recommend signing up for. While this list by no means covers every great newsletter out there, readers can start here for the most exciting and smart content about marketing. 

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